Friday, February 8, 2008


While the arrest of Raj Thackerey is a welcome step, it has come many days too late. Many more towns in Maharashtra got affected by the ‘intolerance’ virus. A number of Indians termed as ‘migrants to Maharashtra’ had to leave home and hearth to save their lives. One life has also been lost. All this was happening in front of the eyes of our government, and was against the spirit of our Constitution. Had the police acted on day one, none of this would have happened. I believe the S.H.O of a police station has the requisite authority to take action in such cases happening in areas within his jurisdiction. He does not need anyone’s permission to effect arrests in cases where law and order in his jurisdiction is likely to be affected. However, we Indians always look over our shoulders for some ‘mai baap’ to do our day to day duties. We either seek ‘blessings from the higher ups’ or we like to ‘keep them in the picture’ due to personal considerations. This is what leads to delay and worsening of law and order, and a situation which becomes explosive leading to burning/ damage to public/ private property, loss of precious human lives, and other uncalled for incidents. Eventually, the only people who have suffered would be the one’s who toil day and night to eke out a living just for survival, as humans. The politicians keep talking of the poor, seemingly do everything in the name of the poor but in the end actually harm them the most. Would Raj Thackerey, Udhav or the C.M. ever compensate the one’s who have suffered? The least these people can do is to permit the Executive to perform. Every chair of the government has certain authority and responsibility. Is it too much to just live up to the demands of the chair one sits on, when everyone around is losing their head. Let us help in the greater task of nation building by just performing our duties, as dictated by law.

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