Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The situation in Jammu and Kashmir seems to be going from bad to worse. It all started with Srinagar and the unrest then spread to Jammu and now onto other parts of J & K. The pictures on the TV today are not very pretty. Citizens are seen damaging public property and railway tracks. This is a new trend in India. Gujjars did it, the Sikhs did it and now the Kashmiris are doing it. Eventually anyone who has any grouse against the government is going to do it. Why? Simply because nothing happened to these people even after they had disrupted the rail traffic for days on end. It is just a case of waste of tax payers Rupees.

Who are these people hurting but themselves? Why are they doing it? This is a sign of frustration as there appears to be nobody who they can turn to so as to get their grievances answered. Any time there is a political issue which is supported by any political party, the first casualty is the law and order. Any one and every one holds every one else to ransom and the police just do not appear on the scene. The 'Executive' branch of the triad of democracy has forgotten how to enforce our laws. We do have the finest laws but the machinery to enforce them does not take the requisite steps to enforce it until their political bosses want them to do it. It is a sad commentary on the evolution of our political system. Political parties need to work together to stop this kind of a unrest where normal life is paralysed and the nation's assets are destroyed.

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