Sunday, October 12, 2008


Why do we humans not learn that what is happening to a majority of the people senior to us in age will also happen to us when we reach their age?

Why do we think that things would be different with us?

Why do we think that what we do to others will not happen to us?

Why do we think only about short term gains?

Why do we fight for our rights and forget our responsibilities?

Why do we go through life without a worthy aim?

Why? Why? Why?


Balvinder Singh said...

When we walk on the road, we hate the vehicles honking at us to get away, and when we are driving we hate the pedestrians and honk at them to get away.

When we want to get into the crowded compartment of the train, we fight our way through the ones who are resisting our entry into the compartment and once we are in, we join them to block others who are attempting to get in.

Your questions, thought provoking indeed.

Nilu said...

I guess its because we all have short memories and are programmed to think of the immediate present only.

I will ask yet another question - why do women go for 2nd, 3rd ...babies when they undergo so much physical pain during their first childbirth? Not only that, but they happily look forward to the delivery during their subsequent pregnancies!

J P Joshi said...

Balvinder: Agree with is one big merry go around, I suppose.

Nilu: My wife was in pain for over 24 hours when our second child, our son, was born. I couldn't bear the pain and asked her 'If you knew that it pains so much, why did you go in for the second child'. She just smiled.

We enjoyed watching our son grow up, and knowing that he was our last child even more so, and then she answered 'Wasn't it worth the pain'? I couldn't agree with her more.

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Very interesting and thought provoking!

First question: This is basically because we are immature and can't look beyond our nose. We mistakenly believe that we will remain young, strong, fast, flexible all our lives. We just can't think of the fact that life is not a permanent thing and we will grow old and die one day. I still remember making fun of my grandmother because she was old and slow and now that I am old myself I regret my thoughtless behaviour.

Second question: Youth is standing on the shoulders of older people and therefore they can look far ahead. They are more advanced, more knowledgeable than what we were at their age. When I was young I remember standing with my mouth open around a transister radio along with my friends. But now children have lap tops as toys.

Third question: This is because we are arrogant and egoistic and we think too much of ourselves. We want to bully others into submission and we get a great perverted satisfaction in doing so.

Fourth question: This is very simple. All of us know that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Besides for long term gains we have to make several sacrifices and wait patiently for results. Most of us are incapable of doing this. We live for the day and don't think of tomorrow. My boss told me when I was a young recruit -- SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY. I never did. I enjoyed. I regret my foolish actions now.

Fifth question: Fighting for rights is easy but to carry out our responsibilites is tiresome, difficult and needs discipline. We are basically lazy and want to have every thing without hard work.

Sixth question: Who said we don't have worthy aims? We all have worthy aims but that is only in our dreams. We don't have the will power to execute our aims. So the aims remain unfulfilled.

Many thanks for these great questions. My mind was greatly stimullated.

Have a great day!

J P Joshi said...

Joseph: Thank you for your comments.

Your answers are full of insight. Many thanks for taking the time. Happy that these questions could stimulate your mind.

Piper .. said...

a very interesting blog here. Must go through the archives soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I have to agree with whatever you said.
My dad is extremely unwell and I`m flying back to India with them for his treatment(dunno why i`m saying this to you though!). Shall read your posts once I`m a lil more at ease..

J P Joshi said...

Piper: Thanks for coming by.

I am praying and hope that your dad gets well soon. (I believe that there is no harm in sharing one's genuine thoughts).