Thursday, February 12, 2009


“When you begin to accept yourself the way you are right now, you begin a new life with new possibilities that did not exist before because you were so caught up in the struggle against reality that that was all you could do.” - Traveling Free, Mandy Evans

Pakistan has finally officially acceded that the attacks were partly planned on Pakistani soil. It is the result of the patient and painstaking diplomacy by India, continuous and persistent international pressure, very unflattering financial situation of Pakistan, equally unfortunate law and order situation (although Pakistan is solely responsible for its own present state) in most parts of Western Pakistan, and of course many other such factors. The fact is that Pakistan has finally accepted and acted; and only this fact matters. How it came about is not important now. It is also not important that we were right all along, and that Pakistan was playing verbal and mind games with us. Pakistan's acceptance has now given us an opening for new possibilities.

Watching the news channels this evening gave one an idea that our electronic media is hell bent on making it a win - lose situation, in which we have won and Pakistan has lost. I do hope that our public response does not get overly influenced by this media hype, because elections are around the corner and no government would like to displease the public at such a juncture. It is to the credit of our government that it did not bow to public pressure of going to war with Pakistan after the provocation and public outcry that followed the 26/ 11 attacks. What should our response be after Pakistan's delayed and reluctant acceptance of facts, keeping our national interest in mind??

Do what we may, we cannot change history and geography. Our national interest dictates that we focus on development and growth, so that we make a dent on poverty, and its associated problems - our biggest enemy. This is only possible if we have peace within, and around our country. Keeping this in mind, it is in our national interest to have a stable and democratic Pakistan. The other scenario is unthinkable, specially from our self interest point of view. Our thinking has to be to create a situation where we can help achieve a stable and democratic Pakistan. This can only come about by pushing/ coaxing/ cajoling/ encouraging/ driving Pakistan diplomatically at this juncture, and somehow making Pakistan realise that the elimination of terrorism is in Pakistan's own interest. The entire world, including the UN, is with us on 26/ 11. The democratic government in Pakistan is under tremendous pressure from it's military, and it's own people. We should not push so hard that it derails this democratic experiment in Pakistan. We have to create an atmosphere of Win - Win, so that our objective of defeating Pak sponsored terrorism are achieved without affecting our primary mission of development and growth.

This is my view. What do you think??


Usha Pisharody said...

I agree entirely. I spent a bit of time with my son watching the developments. While one channel kept highlighting some questions, another tried to pin down a Pak Official, and discussed point scoring, lol. To which he was firmly reminded that the Govt. response was more mature than the media hype over the admission, so called, by Pak! That was a moment to savour :)

However, as you say, it is indeed the result of a patient wait and the constant pressure applied through diplomatic sources that finally had them up against a wall. It is good that something sane has come out of the wait, and hopefully more will come, when the dialogue resumes.

A fine post, as always, that gives food for thought too.

Renu said...

For the same thing I dislike media, they have so many relationships to end and so many arrangements in the politics couldnt go becuase of their over hyping the things and presenting them always a win and loose situation. It brings egos and loss of face and then many thing go wrong.
I wish to have a media whose sole interest would be the welfar eof natuon and all its headlines and questions will be in that direction only, I wish....

J P Joshi said...

Usha: I too hope that something sane finally emerges out of this. I believe this is our chance to make it happen.... and we must not lose this opportunity on any grounds.

Renu: I agree with you... I too am getting very annoyed with the sensationalised coverage of various very sensitive issues by the media - specially the electronic media. It hurts our national interest, but they are hell bent on TRPs. Hopefully freedom will lead to maturity in the long term.