Sunday, February 15, 2009


I was tagged by Usha Pisharody. I completed the easier part yesterday in Part I, and gave up on the tougher questions... until today. The tougher ones demanded more ingenuity and a few words too. So, here are the tougher ones....explained as simply as I possibly could.

Your all time favourite Song:

Your favourite TV Show:

Full name of your significant other:

Your nickname:

Your worst Fear:

In 1970, while I was in NDA, I had seen a movie where this young girl goes onto taking drugs and how drugs affect her. This movie had a very frightening effect on me. This fear stayed with me for many, many years. My kids are now grown and finally I have been able to say good bye to this worst fear of mine.

The one thing you will like to do before you die:

With this I come to the end of the requirements of this tag. I enjoyed doing it and would like to thank the person who originally thought of this and would also like to thank Usha Pisharody for giving me a chance to explore within myself for answers that are obvious and latent both.

I would like to pass this tag onto Poonam, Ajit, Nancy, Swagatika, Smita, Nilambri, and Nagesh. Best of luck folks. Do it, if you wish to, otherwise drop hard feelings.


Piper .. said...

Sir, I suddenly realized I should be addressing you as Sir! :( After all, I really cannot forget the service etiquettes!
I had a friend in med school who was called 'Joe' as well :) His name was Aditya Joshi. And Sir, did you know I am an AFMCite? :) Have some great and not-so-great memories of the NDA ball! :)

J P Joshi said...

Piper: I don't think you need to continue with service etiquettes. The net is a free world, where you can express yourself as you wish to.

In the IAF atleast, all Joshi's are Joe. I can visualise what those "some great and not-so-great memories of the NDA ball! :)" are. Some things never change.... AFCME girls had similar issues when I was a cadet in NDA from 1969 -1971. Loved that place, love it even today - it is a very fine institution.

Usha Pisharody said...

Thank you JP Sir, for the very systematic way you did the tag; and how very well you disciplined yourself to put in minimal explanation :) Way better than I did :)

The song brings back lovely warm memories of Delhi somehow :) And the pictures are very very apt!


Perhaps you would like to try the next tag.. called The Quirky Tag :) Open to all readers:) Only if time and inclination come together :)

Thank you for this!

Ajit said...

JPJ Sir,

or should i say Joe Sir.... :)

great post and i got an insight into your life...
and i alo done this Tag earlier..

Thanks !!!


wel gud afternoon sir...nice to know a lot about u..this tagging procedure is damn salubrious to know different personality...and thanks for tagging me..and ve done my job..anyways good day sir..keep rocking!!!!!

How do we know said...

hey very nicely done tag.. i liked the age pic best.. hajaar creative!! :-)

Balvinder Singh said...

JP, nicely done tag, as usual with the precision of a fighter pilot that you have been. Lovely pictures and meaningful explanations.

J P Joshi said...

Usha: Could you please drop the sir, jp or joe is just perfect. I tried my best and it took me days to come up with the answers and I find the younger crowd does it in no time at all. I wonder ...slowing down, I suppose. Thank you for your encouraging words... you really are a GOOD teacher.

Ajit: Came and peeked into your tag post. Really good one; enjoyed reading it, felt proud at a representative of the youth of our country and finally your last thought lived up to the phrase - all's well that ends well, "Nallathe Nenai,
Nallathe Sai,
Nallathe Nadakkum".

Are you still in your 20s? At your age, my answers would have been ...well, better not said. I am convinced that you are not an OG but UG (Unordinary Guy).

J P Joshi said...

Swagatika: You are so prompt and good at this. It took me a long time to decipher how I am required to do this tag. You did it in one night...good show. Enjoyed reading your answers. I had once bought a piece of wood in Simla which said, "Aim for the sky, you will at least hit the mountain top". I love your dream job bit... it will take a lot of hard work to get there though....and NO boredom too. Thank you for attempting and completing in record time and that too so well. Congratulations.

J P Joshi said...

HDWK: Thank you.

Balvinder: Thank you. Had been to the Aero India show on Friday and saw the fighters perform in the air... I got goose bumps everytime the afterburner held the fighter vertically up, defying gravity. Not for long though, even for the most potent fighter of the lot. Nostalgia!!!

Ajit said...

:) JPJ Sir, I am still in my twenties and I am just another OG... :)

J P Joshi said...

Ajit: Yes I agree, physically you may still be in your twenties, and in appearance you maybe just another ordinary guy. I will concede on just these accounts and will pray to God that He is generous in making more of your kind. Keep writing.