Saturday, March 13, 2010


This lake is very close to where I live and I had gone there for an early morning walk on the raised mud bund on the side of the lake. These kids had strung a net all along one side of this lake - a distance of about a kilometre.

(click on the image to get a larger view)

Their first catch of the day.

One kid paddling the contraption (Coracle) forward and the other retrieving the net.

They have caught one more and have become aware that I am photographing them. Their quizzical, innocent smiles...

They hold up their next catch for me to witness.

They are busy - more catches - earning a living, or is it child labour? Should they have been getting ready to go to school? After retrieving the net and the fish catch for the entire length of the lake, they relaid the net on the way back - I saw their parents doing the same round in the evening.


BK Chowla, said...

It is easy for us to say if they should be going to school.I feel sorry for the state of affairs when children have to do all this foe a living and the Govt is on a permanent dose of sleeping pills.

Swati said...

Ofcourse they should go to school but if they cannot, because of poverty and our education system , what should they do ? If they are orphans what should they do ? Should they starve or beg because child labour is prohibitted ? I think its better to work then to beg/starve.
I did a post about it long back , may be I have not expressed it properly , but here is the link :

J P Joshi said...

BK Chowla: This is a dilemma that most developing countries face - child labour for survival or education. It generally effects the lowest rungs of society, I believe, and will stay this way until the fruits of growth and development reach them. I agree with you - any right thinking person would feel sorry for this state of affairs.

Swati: Will first read your post and then respond.

Balvinder Singh said...

Yes the boys must be seen in scholls raether than on the fishing boats unless this is their hobby in addition to their attending the schools. After all many children do that to augment the incomes of their families.

But JP, all said and done, i must appreciate your photography. you have clicked the pics in a beautiful sequence like a running documentary. The kids flaunting their catch in the last pic

J P Joshi said...

Balvinder: Thanks for your encouragement. I am trying to learn about photography; digital automatics make it simpler but there is a lot to learn, specially when one looks at, and admires, the photographs on It is an amazing hobby and I am planning to develop it for my retirement.