Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ahmedabad and its surroundings are full of heritage sites. Here are some of them - as seen through my lens. These include the Sun temple at Modhera (built in 1026 AD) - it is mind boggling to fathom what our ancestors knew about the planets and architecture. To read more about this fantastic site go to this link. 

 The following are pictures of the Sarkhej Roza - complex built in the 15th century

Adalaj ni vav (step well) was built in the 1498 AD, and is a well that is five stories below ground level. There are beautiful carvings and steps going down.
 These are images of some intricate carvings at the Hutheesing Jain temple. This is an image of an intricate, but damaged, carving at the Jumma Masjid built in the 15th century.


How do we know said...

wow.. Ahmedabad has all this...!? Awesome!

Smita said...

I was in Ahmedabad for 5 years and have only seen Adalaj ni vav dunnow how I missed the other two places! Lovely shots!