Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A letter by Col Himmat Sidhu to the President

Dear Ms President, 

President of the Republic of India, Commanader-in- Chief of the Armed Forces, we serve at your pleasure!Are you displeased with the COAS of the day ?? Or is the MOD bureaucrat lobby too strong for you !

You are witness and a silent spectator to the damage that has been unleashed upon the ONLY institution that stands tall and can boast of integrity, total faith & commitment to our democracy. The ONLY institution where probity results in action against the guilty. This when the neighbourhood ( All of ethnically similar populations) from Pak, B'desh, Burma, now Maldives all are reeling for years under Mil rule. History will chronicle you as the Leader who failed to see the crumbling of an edifice. For this step of the bureaucracy to malign and belittle the Armed Forces, that you Command, must be seen as the sinister plot of the powers of corruption that are eating into every walk of life of this beautiful country that you are the President of. 

The Armed Forces are your final bastion, to save this Incredible country, India.
I quote, " Back in the East you can't do much without the right papers, but with the right papers you can do anything. They believe in papers. Papers are power" - Tom Stoppard (1937). Who has the 'right papers' here, MOD, MS, AG or the Attorney General ? Dear Ms President surely to discern the truth, for you can't be difficult, you have the entire Armed Forces at your disposal, you can find out. For if it is the bureaucratic advise you seek, then once again I quote, " It is an inevitable defect, that bureaucrats will care more for routine than for results."(- Walter Bagehot) and in the bureaucratic 'attempt' at the 'truth', the Nation will sit, like you, a mute spectator to the truth being sidelined by routine.

My dear Ms President, for if you shall fail me now, history will remember you, quoting Parkinson's Law, " The man who is denied the opportunity of taking decisions of importance begins to regard as important the decisions he takes". Come when else will you rise to the occasion, the moment and the issue beckon you to act.
-- Himmat n Billyy

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Balvinder Singh said...

JP, very rightly worded letter to the so called Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, but the question is that "Is she the Supreme Commander or is it the Politician-Babus nexus which is ruling the roost??" The country is watching and most of the countrymen including the media, are getting kicks out of this controversy while the honour of an august institution goes down the drain.

If the Chief of a second largest Army of the world does not get justice then the present government will be termed as the most spineless government of all times.