Monday, February 27, 2017

Farooq Abdullah's Security Cover

After listening to the views of this ex-CM of J&K, and a former Union Minister in the Government of India, it is evident that he agrees and sympathises with the young people from his state who are demanding freedom. I do not understand this man. When in power, he enjoys the perks of the Indian Constitution. When out of power, he supports, and speaks, the language of the people who wish to attain freedom from India, and has also stated that "we are with you" to the Hurriyat people.

I strongly feel that his stand in this video is shameful. As a first, the Government of India should withdraw his Z security cover. Let him then roam around freely in J&K mixing with the youth whom he supports. I am certain he would be the first one to go away to UK, like he generally does when the situation in his state becomes too volatile.

India does not need turncoats like him to be protected, at tax payers expense, from the very people they support.

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