Friday, April 28, 2017

Introspect, and Connect with the People

The MCD elections have been a disaster for the Congress, like most of the previous elections. What should be done?

Any logical person would understand that since common people decide the fate of the candidates, it is important to understand why the common people are voting in a particular way. It is thus important to understand the needs and wants of the common people by connecting with them on a one on one basis, at the grass roots level.

Instead Ms Sonia Gandhi invited leaders of all the opposition parties yesterday to discuss on alliances and strategies to defeat the BJP in coming elections.

Leaders do not decide how the common people will vote. 

They need to get connected with the people at the grass root level. They need to motivate/ inspire their party workers and convince them to go out and meet people, find out their concerns, work towards alleviating those concerns.

Once the people are convinced that you are concerned about them and will be working 'for the people' then they will ensure that your candidates get elected.

Political parties are all giving an impression that they only believe in 'of the people' and have forgotten the other two parts of 'by the people' and 'for the people'. 

Their actions are not reflecting that they care. They seem to care only about themselves and their kith and kin. 

A strong opposition is required to halt the BJP juggernaut. A single party with a large majority does not augur well for any democracy, especially one as widely diverse as India.

Coming together of all opposition parties with the only aim of defeating the BJP is a good mathematical exercise and may succeed too, like in Bihar elections, but is not good and desirable for the country. Nitish has to live with the agenda of Lalu, and tarnish his image in the bargain. 

Opposition parties please introspect and connect with the common people of India.

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