Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Losers in the Elections should Introspect, rather than blame the EVMs

The UP elections have upset a lot of political parties and they are hurting badly after this loss. These parties include the Congress, the SP, the BSP and the AAP. Most of the spokespersons of these parties have, instead of introspecting, started blaming it on the authenticity of the results declared by the EVMs. The answer of the Minister in the Rajya Sabha is very enlightening and must be listened to by every Indian citizen. The link is attached above.

Discrediting an institution of the country established under the Constitution is a very dangerous proposition. In case people lose faith in the institutions primarily because of political wrangling between political parties and leaders then it will be a sad day for our democracy.

Any political party that is attached with the grass roots would know why they have lost. In case they have lost, they should accept the peoples mandate with humility and grace and make all efforts to redouble their efforts in connecting with the people; it will help them to re-establish themselves in the political arena. Finally it is the people who decide who wins or loses. 

Fighting on the television channels, on the streets, and in parliament has limited appeal to the people in such a case. It is much better to re-connect with the people; work for them; find out what they want from THEIR representatives in the parliament and in the assemblies. Political leaders are after all people's representatives and not MASTERS. They cannot decide on what the people need/ want without first understanding and connecting with them.

Go out. Connect with your constituents. Let the people decide next time, else you get wiped out completely next time.  

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