Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MCD Elections - Faulty EVMs Again, says AAP!

The Exit polls are showing a decisive win for the BJP; we will get to know for sure tomorrow.

Congress feels that this win can be attributed to Modi's eloquence, and well crafted lies.

AAP feels it is because of the faulty EVMs. AAP is slowly bringing down the credibility of every institution of the country, whether it was the LG, the police, the CBI, and now the EC.

How can one govern a country like India without credible institutions, Mr Kejriwal? Will you rebuild them again, after demolishing them?

Both of these contesting parties have their own reasons to believe in the above.

Both these view points show how out of touch they are with reality, and their mindsets at this juncture.

These are mindsets that have now started to doubt the intelligence of the electorate whom they profess to represent, and not themselves and their activities.

Introspection is called for lest the BJP juggernaut under Modi becomes unstoppable.

|We cannot have a one party system. We NEED and DESERVE a viable and strong opposition to keep the BJP in check.

Democracy is all about checks and balances, which we are slowly eroding due to lack of introspection by the opposition.


Renu said...

Introspection is a word our politicians dont know, they know only to blame others for everything.

J P Joshi said...

Agree with you, Renu. I am a little amazed at Kejriwal. I thought he was an intelligent human being, but I suppose I misjudged. I realise that power can corrupt and absolute power can corrupt absolutely. Instead of taking stock of himself and his party's actions, he is bent upon finding fault elsewhere. Sad, but true. I watched a TV debate yesterday, where it was brought out that BJP has done nothing good in the MCD, but will get re-elected as the hatred for AAP and Kejriwal amongst the Delhiites is more than that for BJP's misdeeds in MCD.