Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Modi and Yogi - A Paradigm Shift for India

I have been watching the political debates on TV these days that are mostly focused on either Modi or Yogi. The central theme of these debates is how these two are turning our secular democracy into a Hindutva bastion by holding on to, and also feeling proud of, their personal beliefs in their individual lives. No moderately educated Indian, and nearly all political parties, care to notice that both Modi and Yogi espouse and live by the maxim of 'sabka saath, sabka vikaas' in their official dealings. These two  seemingly opposing positions seem irreconcilable to the educated Indian mind that has been brought up on an agenda of unequal rights and responsibilities as citizens, based on one's belief system/ caste/ region/ position, etc.

Here is a PM who considers the parliament as a temple of democracy, a PM who aspires to give basic dignity and 'swacchta' to every citizen of this country, a PM who wants every Indian to feel proud of our heritage - a heritage that is common to every Indian, beyond all our belief systems, as these are dated and came much later than we had realised and decided that this universe is one big family (Vasudaiva Kutumbukam).

A CM of the largest state in India comes dressed to work in saffron - a colour representing courage, sacrifice, and renunciation in our great tradition. How come? How can we have a head of a state government as a man who has no personal desires, except the desire to serve the people whom he represents; a man who drives himself and every one else in the government to do their job or face the consequences; a man who is not scared to take very bold decisions in a state that has been known to be the most lawless and fragmented on caste/ religion/ region in our country.

What is it that these two bring to the Indian political table besides love of the motherland, a punishing work schedule & ethics, a passionate desire to serve the under privileged in India, making policies that would benefit the common people of India. Common people happen to be the largest majority that has gone relatively un-served until now, except in terms of lip service by a political class/ bureaucracy that either came to serve (they all say that, but in effect the service is mostly of the self/ family/ and friends) with a colonised mind, or whose minds were colonised on coming to power like Mayawati, Mulayam, Lalu, etc.
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The colonised mind feels and thinks that the 'natives' do not deserve any thing better; that they can be kept ignorant and can also be ignored; equal citizenship is not every Indian's right. The colonised mind feels that sharing scarce resources with the 'have nots' would reduce their own share in the pie, and thus bring down their own standard of living, which the colonised mind is convinced has to be comparable to the rest of the world.

The TV debates continue on issues that are found to be irrelevant by the common people of India, and this is reflected in the voting pattern in election after election. The BJP juggernaut continues to gather more and more momentum with every election. The Congress and the other opposition parties are looking at all this through the old paradigm and are still trying to appeal to, and appease, their carefully created and nurtured vote banks. The electorate seems to have rejected this to a large extent.

The people are voting for the BJP, headed by PM Modi, because they feel that he is the only strong and incorruptible leader in present day India who would be able to deliver on their long suppressed aspirations of equal citizenship in a free, democratic, truly secular, corruption free, and 'proud of its heritage' India. Our heritage has been so beautifully enshrined in our eloquent Constitution, and Modi and Yogi have spoken on issues as per this eloquent document, issues that were meant to be kept brushed under the carpet until now, and all in the name of secularism. Modi and Yogi have given voice to these issues and rightly so as the soul of India needs to take precedence over the politically correct brain of India.

The soul of India is its people and their long history of inborn tolerance of others, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region, or ethnicity. Cow slaughter, triple talaq, J&K, Ram mandir, lal battis, Z class security, etc. are all issues that need to be resolved with sarv samiti through discussion/ debate and not by brushing aside these smoldering issues that prevent us from taking our rightful place in the comity of nations. Every political party has to rethink on their role in this new emerging modern India where personal beliefs should be entirely personal, and where we, as citizens, should enjoy equal rights while fulfilling our equal responsibilities towards our country. This is the new paradigm that Modi and Yogi have unfurled upon the people of India, and which the Congress and other opposition parties would be well advised to find an answer to, instead of ungraciously conceding defeat in elections, and attributing BJP's victory to  Modi's eloquence and faulty EVMs, after every fresh round of elections


chandru said...

Dear Sir, while all the development issues and non corruption are laudable factors the fact remains that both Modi and yogi are propagating divisive politics. By banning cow slaughter (
incidentally brahmins ate beef earlier and later turned to vegetarianism for being one up on budddhists), they are depriving Muslims and dalit from their source of livelihood. Encouraging lumpen elements like gau rakshaks and anti romeo squads to target Muslims mainly is what is divisive. Working long hours and making the govt machinery work well doesn't take away the partisan attitude shown towards ambanis and adani. While eulogising these leaders you must also agree that they had decried the previous govt schemes like Aadhar etc and now are using the very same schemes and taking credit. Many academic and cultural institutions are being headed by RSS affiliated appointed. Hence my request is to separate the what from the chaff and see them in their true colors. Regards chandrasekhar

J P Joshi said...

Thank you Chandru for your considered comment.

I am not pro any leader or party; I am only pro-India. At this juncture, I do not see any political leader in our country who can match up to the credentials of Modi in terms of governing our country. And hence being pro-India he gets my support. Mr Kejriwal has been a big letdown; Congress wants to impose Rahul Gandhi on the nation; the regional parties have many aspirants; the Left is in shambles and sticking on with their leftist agenda, which has failed all across the globe. Lenin and Marx are theoretically very sound but does not work in practice, as human beings are in practice very selfish by nature and do not perform unless there is personal benefit involved.

I would urge you to read our Constitution. Our founding fathers led by Dr Ambedkar were very wise people; they understood the India that emerged after the partition. The fundamental rights were given to every citizen but the state was directed through the Directive Principles to move in a certain direction over a period of time so as to achieve uniform citizenship in a hugely diverse country like India. I do not think they have banned cow slaughter; they are banning illegal slaughter houses. Some individual states have banned cow slaughter, in the spirit of the Constitution of India.

We must strengthen 'rule of law' by every means so that no one has the ability to take law in to their own hands, irrespective of position, affiliation, religion, caste or any other differentiation. We are moving in that direction, I believe.

J P Joshi said...

You may read the following post, link as follows, to give some answers on your questions.