Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kapil Sibal's views on Matters of Faith

Kapil Sibal is a senior Congress leader, is an ex Law Minister in the UPA government, and a practicing Supreme Court lawyer. He is defending the All India Muslim Personal Law Board's assertion that triple talaq is a matter of faith for the Muslims. His statements in the SC are reproduced below. 

His statements show how little he understands the country and the religion of the majority population of India. Even worse is that he was part of the government of India, in the capacity of a law minister.

His statement also reflects the pseudo secularism that has been practiced by the Congress and various other political parties in India. I do hope that better sense prevails in the Congress leadership, before the Congress is completely rejected by the people of India, not that they are doing any better than this even now. A look at the recent election results would convince any sane individual on the need to introspect and correct course, which is more in line with the people they claim to represent. 

There seems to be no effort on the part of the Congress to introspect and change course as of now. All they seem to be doing is form alliances with all and sundry to thwart the BJP at the polls. Alliances are good, but only with parties that profess a similar ideology, and also the same sense of purpose. Adhoc alliances with the sole intention of defeating the BJP would lead nowhere. As a matter of fact such thinking reflects their disdain for the will of the people and of their intelligence. People are all powerful in a functioning democracy, and their will needs to be respected. Trying to hood wink them can lead to disaster. 

India is too diverse to have a single party system, which it is fast turning out to be with the single largest opposition national party in a self destruct mode. Who should it blame, its leadership, or the people of India? 

Kapil Sibal's arguments are reproduced below, as is: - 

"If I have faith that Lord Ram was born at Ayodhya, then it's a matter of faith and there is no question of constitutional morality," Kapil Sibal, the former law minister, 

"Triple talaq is there since 637. Who are we to say that this is un-Islamic. Muslims are practising it for last 1,400 years. It is a matter of faith. Hence, there was no question of constitutional morality and equity", he said.

Mr Sibal also pointed that the source of triple talaq can be found in Hadith and it came into being after the time of Prophet Muhammad.

"Is e-talaq also there," the bench headed by Chief Justice of India JS Khehar asked, a reference to many complaints from Muslim women that they had been divorced over WhatsApp and Facebook.

"Yes...WhatsApp talaq, and it is encrypted too," Mr Sibal responded, in a lighter vein.


Renu said...

It is so tragic to see Congress people defending something not worth defending..its the nadir..

We need strong and intelligent opposition, but i dont see anyone remotely sensible leader, except Nitish.

J P Joshi said...

I agree with you, Renu. I have never understood Kapil Sibal, and lately I do not understand what the Congress party is upto, other than moving very fast towards self annihilation. There are so many intelligent people who are part of the Congress. I am not sure what is holding them on introspecting and bringing in a more grass root level connected leadership; the present leadership has lost touch with the people of India. This needs to change. We cannot have only the BJP, without a viable and strong opposition.