Thursday, July 5, 2018

LIFE IS A KALEIDOSCOPE OF _______________________

Life is kaleidoscope of _____________

This photograph taken a few of days ago, on the banks of the mighty Mekong river in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand set my mind thinking at the gorgeous colours and a mulitude of other things that  life throws at us every day; most of us do not seem to notice/ have the desire to notice/ or are too busy notice and so life just passes us by, one breath at a time, until our last breath, over which we have no control. We only have control on that one breath that is inside of us and that too for not very long, and yet we pretend and behave as if we are going to be here forever! Human mind, its design, the 'maaya jaal' (illusions) of our senses have us believe that every thing around is real. 

The spiritual being that has descended suddenly transforms from a 'spiritual being in human form' to a human body with attributes like name, handsome, tall, dark, etc etc; vanity, ego and every other form of vice enters the person and one thinks that that is what one is. We forget that we are human beings, not human bodies; the lure of the maaya jaal is so strong; our minds can convince us of anything.

So, I decided to do a short one word survey, by sending out this one photograph with the question, like above on my whatsapp contact list. The answers are as follows: -

  1. Opportunities
  2. Kaleidoscope
  3. Good
  4. Exquisite
  5. Probabilities
  6. Colours
  7. Patterns
  8. Colours
  9. Beautiful
  10. Blessings
  11. Nature
  12. Emotions
  13. Beauty
  14. Wow
  15. Experiences
  16. Experiences
  17. Experiences
  18. Emotions
  19. Challenges
  20. Blessedness
  21. Sat Naam (True Sound/ Name)
  22. Wonder
  23. Emotions
  24. Surprises
  25. Lifetimes
  26. Karma
  27. Experiences
  28. Opportunities
  29. Experiences
  30. Selfie
  31. Possibilities.
A total of 31 responses, all varied and true; maybe it is what we are going through within ourselves at this point of our history and geography; may change with more newer experiences & learning - both being building blocks of our long term memory system in the brain, scientifically speaking.

My daughter was quick to point out on the family group that, "All these answers are simple in their positivity". Couldn't help but agree with her, but my response to her was that, "True! And that is the tragic part of life. We blow the negatives too much & forget that life is just to be lived until the last breath, one breath at a time."

So, live life positively, the way you came in to this world as a spiritual being, the accumulation of the five elements in your body and brains happened here, and will vanish here only. What will go with you is the being again, pure but layered & burdened with all you carry from here, your bad as well good karmas, creating your next destiny. Nil debit/ credit is the only way out from here to 'being' or mukti from this cycle of birth and death.


How do we know said...

I really like the spiritual bent of your new posts.

J P Joshi said...

HDWK: Thank you. I am sure it resonates within you.