Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is one BIG miracle - an aircraft loses both its engines to bird hits - the pilot steers the aircraft to the Hudson river and ditches the aircraft. From what I can make out from the video, it appears to be a perfect ditching manoeuvre. The aircraft appears to be in the perfect attitude for ditching. From the media reports it seems that everything worked like clockwork. The entire flight crew - the pilots, the flight attendants have done a marvellous job in ensuring that everyone got off the plane alive. Media report suggests that the Captain went around the aircraft checking for any one still left on board, before getting out himself. This is just the kind of stuff Captain's are, and should be, made of. Congratulations to the entire team of this flight for getting everyone off the aircraft alive. Thank God for everything.

However there are some points for us lesser mortals who travel by air. Accidents do happen, and can happen. Are you prepared when you sit in the you pay attention to what the cabin crew calls out before the flight. Do you follow their instructions? Does it irritate you when they ask you to keep your chair upright during take-off and landing, keep the passage clear during critical phases of flight? Do you understand what it means to get to the crash landing position? etc. etc. Please pay attention to what the cabin crew say - it is a regulatory requirement - but it is your life!!! after all. Please read the role of the cabin crew here for an insight into their role in ensuring the safety of the passengers. Cabin crew also provide customer service, but their primary role is safety of passengers.