Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The blog world is full of stories about corruption, and how the whole system stinks........... and that nothing can be done about corruption. Once in a while one also reads stories or more likely one comment, amongst hundreds, that states that the person has never bribed. I too have never bribed for getting any one of my work done.....people tell me that I was lucky to have been in the defence forces, and that helps. Yes, it does to a certain extent but I have had my share of experiences where-in my work got delayed; I ended up spending much more in terms of money and time for the work; had massive heart burns; and many such things but I refused to bribe and, eventually my work always got done.....you see, the gentleman or lady doing the work is being paid to do the work.......he/ she too can lose their job and this knowledge has always been my strength in dealing with such corrupt people. I have tried every tactic to not pay a bribe, while living up to the strategy of not paying bribes.

I received this forward on practical ways to prevent paying a bribe. We can try it - I know from practical experience that these tactics work......Use them.......do your bit to stop corruption.....if that is what irks you the most about government functioning. Refuse to 'be a part of the problem' even if every one around you is.... and 'become a part of the solution' - BY REFUSING TO BRIBE.
Government babus (officials) use different tactics to extract bribe. You may take the following action to counter those tactics. These are very simple & useful. I have tried them with very successful results.

Indefinite Delay: They keep on delaying your work until you go to them & offer bribe.

Solution: Don’t visit government offices. Follow up your pending work through letters. You may send letters by courier, registered post or speed post. Local speed post costs only Rs 12/-. Local couriers are available at Rs 5/-. You may also use RTI Act to know status of your work. In this case you need to spend another Rs 10/-.

Demanding unnecessary papers: Sometimes they demand unnecessary papers & give hints that work can be done without those papers if you bribe.

Solution: If they can offer to do your work without additional papers with bribe, it means that those papers were definitely unnecessary. (i) Ask babus to demand those papers in writing and record the conversation. (ii) Write a letter stating that you demanded these papers. Are they really mandatory as per law? You can also use RTI Act here. (iii) Use RTI Act to find out whether he demanded those papers from other applicants. (iv) Whatever paper he demands, send by post. Never deliver anything without receipt.

Remember no officer will complete your work without mandatory papers. He will keep his file perfectly clean.

They advise you to pay bribe so that you pay less tax / penalties. Many times they demand higher amount for penalties than prescribed under laws.

(1) Check laws if you can
(2) Record conversation & tell them that you are going to report to Anti-Corruption Bureau.
(3) Use RTI Act to find out how much was paid by others under similar circumstances.

When the babu is not available in office.

Solution: Write a letter that I came to your office on say, 1st August at 11 AM but you were not available. Your assistant Mr. Rama Rao told me to come again on 5th August. This letter will make him take special care of your work.

Finally, if nothing works, try this.

When you don't have any option, record the conversation, pay money & get your work done. After your work is completed, meet that babu and demand your money back. Tell him that you are going to complaint, if he does not return your money. Tell him about Jago party. Take some Jago pamphlet or advertisement copy with you. This will most likely make him return your money.

Develop the habit of complaining.

Whenever you see crime & corruption, send written complaints to head of that department, ACB / CBI, local newspapers & Jago Party.

Don't be submissive.

Call babus by their names. Don't call them "sir". Be polite but don't show unnecessary respect. Be firm and confident. Talk about RTI Act & Jago party. Babus are always afraid of knowledgeable people.

These methods may sound unbelievable but try it at least once to discover their power.