Sunday, February 15, 2009


I was tagged by Usha Pisharody. I completed the easier part yesterday in Part I, and gave up on the tougher questions... until today. The tougher ones demanded more ingenuity and a few words too. So, here are the tougher ones....explained as simply as I possibly could.

Your all time favourite Song:

Your favourite TV Show:

Full name of your significant other:

Your nickname:

Your worst Fear:

In 1970, while I was in NDA, I had seen a movie where this young girl goes onto taking drugs and how drugs affect her. This movie had a very frightening effect on me. This fear stayed with me for many, many years. My kids are now grown and finally I have been able to say good bye to this worst fear of mine.

The one thing you will like to do before you die:

With this I come to the end of the requirements of this tag. I enjoyed doing it and would like to thank the person who originally thought of this and would also like to thank Usha Pisharody for giving me a chance to explore within myself for answers that are obvious and latent both.

I would like to pass this tag onto Poonam, Ajit, Nancy, Swagatika, Smita, Nilambri, and Nagesh. Best of luck folks. Do it, if you wish to, otherwise drop hard feelings.