Wednesday, January 20, 2010


While watching '3 Idiots' yesterday, I was reminded of an event in my life that took place in 1996. This was triggered while listening to Aamir Khan give the explanation to his friends, while using the 'Aall is well' phrase.

1996. I had just quit the Indian Air Force and was relaxing at home in NOIDA when a friend dropped by and asked me to join him for a Reiki course of 2 days duration being conducted in New Delhi. Since I had nothing better to do, I agreed to join him. We landed at the venue on time - it was a private home, in which the drawing/ dining had been converted into a sitdown accommodation for the course, with mattresses and white sheets spread all through the area. There was a mixed crowd of about 30 people. We were all expected to remove our footwear at the entrance and walk in to our seating postions. We all did so and waited for the Reiki master to come and commence the course. He walked in and started with certain formalities of introductions and gave us information about the course.

After this he asked us, "How many of you have expressed gratitude to your footwear before occupying your seats"? This question baffled most of us - we were not prepared for this. I personally was wondering as to what did he mean by 'expressing gratitude to my footwear'. He thereafter asked each one of us to get up and go and express gratitude to our respective footwear. We all got up and did so. I was still wondering on what did this whole thing mean. As we came back and sat down, he asked us one more question, "How many of you would not have come for this course, if you did not have footwear"? Some hands went up, some thought over it and some more hands went up and finally as the question kept sinking in all our hands were up. He was glad and said that "isn't that reason enough to express gratitude to our footwear"? This did answer our initial doubts that we had after he had asked us the first question.

The class continued and it was time for a break. We wore our footwear and went out to the street to relax. On coming back, Question 1 was once again asked; about half the hands went up. He asked all those who had not expressed gratitude to our footwear to get up and go do the same. I was among the half that got up, went out looked at my chappals and expressed gratitude. The class continued and it was time for a break again. On return once again the same question was asked - this time only 2 or 3 people had their hands up - they were asked to getup and go and express gratitude to their footwear. This continued after every break, but now everyone was prepared and nobody slipped up on this account. I came back home that first evening and narrated this incident to my wife.

In our house, I am responsible for checking that the outer main door is locked before we retire for the night. In case it is not or there is a doubt, I have to go and latch it. On this night when I was latching the door a realisation dawned on me - if not for this tiny latch, we would never get a peaceful full night's sleep - we rely on it so much to give us refreshing sleep, and yet we never express gratitude to it. Next I lay down on the bed and set my alarm clock.... it hit me again.... without this alarm clock, I would be waking up every once in a while to check whether it was time to wake up...... this alarm clock helps me get a good night's sleep. The "Good Knight", the bed, the mattress, the pillow..... the list seemed endless, and that is when the import of our Reiki Master's question in the morning hit home. I actually felt gratitude for all the things around me, and to all those who helped create these things that helped me lead a normal life. Every human is doing something that in some way helps make my life comfortable - whether I was aware of it or not.

This feeling stayed with me for a few weeks; for as long as I continued to practice Reiki. Slowly I lost interest in Reiki and also in the attitude of gratitude and then I became my usual self; I, me, and so full of myself.

Whenever I introspect, I find that I am just a cog in the wheel being helped along in my life by objects and people around me - this feeling takes me towards the attitude of gratitude - but then I never find enough time to introspect, so as to be grateful for all of God's Creation. I know I should be......

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Just finished watching this movie..... my take.... couldn't wait to write this...

Aamir Khan is fantastic.

The movie is brilliant. It is a MUST SEE for every thinking 'INDIAN at heart'. It has a wonderful message for the Indian society. Watch it for the message...... and not to find faults.

The movie brings out many of the ills of our society........ maybe we could become a part of the solution ....... rather than be a part of the problem.

Enjoyed it ......... with tears in my eyes.

Just superb.