Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ever since I took up photography as a hobby, in preparation for my retirement after a few years, I have started noticing many things that I never had the time to notice before. Mundane things also look beautiful, I realised, if only we looked for it, because it is rightly said that 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' or more aptly in one's own mind - the external world is but......just a trigger.

Here are some of my latest exploits with my camera.

(Click on the photographs to view in Large size)

A massive thunderstorm struck Bangalore uprooting many trees, hoardings, poles, and anything else that resisted the massive gale winds. This garage cum residence in our neighbourhood had a big hoarding in the premises - this snapped - it was a sight to see the huge tubular steel column bent, and torn apart. Miraculously no one in the building was injured and the building did not collapse. Two cranes worked overnight to lift the hoarding off the building. A view of the salvage operation captured on camera.

A Passion flower - it is different.....

Some other flowers - don't know the names, clicked them as they looked beautiful to me.

I never realised that a crow in flight could look this beautiful.

Some more flowers in full bloom.


A dripping hand towel and the colours refracting through the water-drop.

Full moon shining bright.